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How to fix corrupted downloads?


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Hey, I've been stuck in a third world country for about a month, and it seems like I'll be here for a few more. I joyously finally got internet (even if it is slow-ass dialup), and started trying to download the back-episodes (0607 - 0615). Finished recently after almost a week, and woe is me, upon trying to view them I was greeted with a few seconds of video and then mplayer crashes; same happens with all of the eps. (Also, a lot of the .rar files I try to download end up corrupted, but that's besides the point). Anyone know of a way I could find out what parts of the files are corrupted and just redownload the broken bits? Normally, I'd just let bittorrent take care of it (as I've had to do countless times with the akami downloads from Dreamspark and other microsoft websites), but I can't seem to find torrents of these episodes. FYI, I have the large.h264.mp4 versions.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide ^_^

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Just had an idea. Like i said, in these cases I usually import the file into uTorrent, and do a "Force Recheck", to know which parts are corrupted. If someone who has these files could send me a .torrent file with the hashes for all the files (even if it doesn't point to any trackers or have any seeders), I can find out which blocks are corrupted and use a download manager to just download those blocks, instert them into files, and thus de-corrupt them!

So, if anyone has any of these files, I'd gladly appreciate a .torrent file of them (you don't even have to seed). And if you could please use the smallest block size possible, that would be appreciated ^_^

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