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dreamcast dial-up sever problem


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this one is going to be for the hardcore (or something that can fix my problem) network person lets get started.

ok im going to explain this the best i can (can't spell that well)

so i have 2 computers and a switch that can support up to 25 devices (found in the trash walking to a friends house)

w7= windows 7 RC

xp= windows xp

my w7 is running wireless and is giving internet to the switch then to my xp

i found a guide on how to setup your dreamcast to get internet to the dial-up from your computer if you have broadband (but it doesn't say it works for wireless or vista/win7) link:PC-Dreamcast Sever the xp i can anything i want to it so they say it easier to use windows 98 (lol 98) but the guide supports windows xp.

i did everything in the guide for windows xp but when my dreamcast connects to my pc i lose internet to my xp and with that no internet to my dreamcast. my w7 is just fine and still have internet can someone please help me

also if you need i can make a video but only if you need it i will make it

the only reason im doing this is because i found private severs for some dreamcast games like UT(darrens fav) quake3 PSO etc...

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