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Webif using Jasager Firmware

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I see where you used UCI to configure it. I'm not sure what all those commands do for example:

uci set dhcp.cfg0875fa=dhcp

uci set dhcp.cfg0875fa.start=2

uci set dhcp.cfg0875fa.limit=250

uci set dhcp.cfg0875fa.leasetime=60m

uci set dhcp.cfg0875fa.ignore=0

uci set dhcp.cfg0875fa.interface=wifi

The Jasager firmware I flashed i believe has webif already in it. But I'm not sure how to access it.

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no - these uci are for something else.

this is the code you need to look up...

its also entitled "FIXING WEBIF"...

Please Read, Think, Post.

3.) Fixing Webif

You got two Webinterfaces on the Jasager.

First the Karma/Jasager one at,

and Second the Webif/X-Wrt on

In Webif, you can change things like IP Adresses and watch a bunch of data.

Easy configuration for your Fon+ if you're not so used to the CLI in Linux.

Now that you have changed the root password and therefor have access to ssh,

you can use putty to connect to

a) Opkg

echo "src X-Wrt http://downloads.x-wrt.org/xwrt/kamikaze/8.../packages" >> /etc/opkg.conf

opkg update

opkg remove -recursive luci-*

opkg update

opkg install webif


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Ok, cool, so using WinSCP and moving the files to /tmp/ on the fon and running opkg from the /tmp/ dir to install the webif and hasel will get me working?

yes this should be all you need I was succesful doing just that after the redboot was set up

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I tried copying all of the .ipk files over using scp, however on the last file, the program crashed and I had to reset the Fon to regain access to it via SSH. I checked the /tmp folder and found nothing (as far as ipk's) in it. Is it possible that this is due to the Fon running out of memory or is it something else?

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