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Saver2/Sproxy Development


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Right, i've went and got most of the stuff of interest together. This should be enough to get people started making plugins and such.

To start making plugins, you'll need VS Express 2005 at the minimum. http://www.microsoft.com/exPress/download/

For Saver2 plugins: I recommend you start with Saver2.SimpleSaverPlugin.doc and SimplePluginExample.cs

I recommend Fiddler2 (http://www.fiddler2.com/fiddler2/version.asp) for looking at metadata and such tossed about by services. Also, since SProxy was originally developed to run a "port" of a fiddler plugin, the APIs are relatively similar in function (not exactly the same, but generally rather close).

Post questions and stuff here.

All the source in the zip was written by me (EXCEPT ID3.cs). I don't mind if you use it elsewhere, though a credit would be nice.

At some point I plan to make atleast portions of saver2 open source, but i need to figure out licensing and version control and all that good stuff first. Will always be free, however, though donations are appreciated.

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