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what am i missing depmod + anydriver


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Meh, not too sure what I am missing, but have had this problem on debian based machines when having to make drivers this goes from ndiswrapper to the driver for the raid cards. When I set it up I can get it working just fine then I reboot, or shutdown and then I have to usually do the last 3 steps to get that working. This is more of a general question, since I am not sure what I am doing wrong or what is left out.

Here is my process:

Make the driver (99% it works fine)

copy the drive to the needed place/enable it


modprobe driver

after thatthe device works (usually the checking point)

then add an entry at the end of the modules file normally located /etc/modules

After a reboot I will have to run depmod and then modprobe to get the hardware working. Is there somewhere else i need to add a reference to the driver? searching google usually reveals that what needs to be done. I am not really sure what to search for in the relm of making a driver load at boot.


Shane O.

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