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arpspoof using backtrac 4 in VMWare Player


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I saw a similar topic like this but it wasn't exactly the problem I'm having. I recently tried to use arpspoof on backtrack 4 running in vmware player because I wanted to try out sslstrip from episode 610. The victim computer was another virtual machine running windows xp. The ip address of the victim was and the ip of the host was I had backtrack set to bridged replicating the physical network in vmware, and i believe the same for the victim computer. The problem happens when I start the arpspoof and the internet connectivity on the victim just drops out for some reason making it impossible for it to get to any websites which is an obvious problem since i'm trying to use sslstrip :P. Any ideas on why this is, or what I can do to fix it? Cuz the only way i can really run backtrack right now is through a VM so it would suck if i couldn't get this to work. Thanks a lot!

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