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File renaming in dos


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Hi just thought I'd share something I found after driving myself crazy for a while...

You can append to any filename in dos using the command

Rename * **<append string here>

Or just use Ren as Ren is the same as typing Rename

If you want to use a in your append string (you have to be using XP I think) don't forget to use the following...

Rename * "**<append string here>"

You can be lazy and just leave out the final " though


I want a group of text files to end in " work.txt"

First I have to remove the ".txt" from my files:

Rename *.txt *.

Now all my "txt" files have no extensions.

So then I can add the " Work.txt" to them:

Rename * "** Work.txt"

Oh if you want to add text to the beginning it's just...

Rename * <append string here>*

This has been a public idiot announcement :)

Appologies to all that knew this already - I did try to find documentation on the net but failed (maybe this is the reason why people hate spaces in filenames - lol)

I think people should list this command with an alternative of:

Rename <filter> *<first value to find><Replacement after find>


I have one file in my directory "The Cats Cought Crabs.txt"

>Rename *.txt "*Cats Infested.txt

The file is now named "The Cats Infested.txt"

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