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Jasager on the Fonera 2.0 and Fonera+

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When will this happen?

I think the Fonera+ is much better than Fonera 2.0 for this, as it's far more portable.

Also, the la Fonera+ has 2 ethernet ports, which could be very useful...

Or is the la Fonera+ inside the yellow monkey thing?

As it has wifi and two ethernets...


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Well Fonera+ is used for the Interceptor (Monkey).

But you can use the Fonera+ aswell for Jasager - just download diginijas complete Firmware (says 1.0 but its the recent Jasager!) and flash it with the tool you like onto your Fonera+.

And then, you're done ;-).

(Second Ethernet Port doesn't do anything on the configuration, but theres a guy on this Forum working on it to create the second Port to an "sniff-only" Port - so that first one can connect to an actual Webconnection and does not need an Computer with ICS or in the middle - as it does replicate the Data to the second Port... or at least its planed like this ^^)



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So the Fonera+ IS in the Monkey Interceptor.


as you can read on www.digininja.org under Networking, Interceptor, the Fon+ is used for the Interceptor, but can be used for the Jasager Project aswell.

But you can only make it a Jasager or Interceptor at the same time, if thats what your thinking about.

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