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That or join the armed forces, there are always jobs and depending on what kind of scores you get on your entrance exam, you can find a lot of training opportunities right of the bat that will give you a very solid future when you come out.

Going into the arm forces for a computer job is not a bad idea.

No kidding?

Ever consider the Air National Guard? I enlisted in the Ohio Air National Guard (fyi, a branch of the Air Force)as a Network Infrastructure Systems Apprentice when I was 17 and a senior in high school. After I graduated, I immediately went off to training. Best decision I've made so far. I'm still in the Guard and because of it, I'm going to college for free, well actually... more like 110% free since the G.I. Bill pays me $600 a month above and beyond the cost of my tuition. Also, so far while I've been in the Guard, I've trained on Cisco Routers and Switches, VOIP, Call Manager, etc etc. I've learned a lot and it's paid off.

Oh btw, if you've ever considered getting a job with a defense contractor, there's normally a little thing they require called a "SECURITY CLEARANCE". Clearances are very valuable to have and most "Computer Jobs" in the Air Force will give you one. Again, it's another nice thing to have on a resume.

I'm 19 now and still in the Guard. I'm back in my home, hanging out with my friends, and doing all the stupid crap that 19 yr olds do and I really don't have too much to worry about aside from flunking out of college. I've already got a nice resume built up and the longer I'm with the Guard, the more experience I'll accumulate.

I have a best friend that's in your same situation, so I get what you're going through. I hope what I said can help you in some way.

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