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Bizhub c550


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So, I have recently connected our c550 to the network and our vendor must have set an administrative password because it is no longer the default of "0000". Inevitabley I will assign it a static IP, but for now I cannot find anything on the machine indicating what its MAC address is (which I find extremely frustrating). I would like to install it on my DC but I don't know what IP it grabbed from the DHCP server. I did an IPscan before and after I plugged it in, but I have the same number of live connections in each report. Apparently it does not respond to pings (or I dont know what I'm doing). I want to avoid reseting the whole machine in order to reset the admin password because the copy counter must remain where it is for billing purposes.

So, anyone know how to bypass the admin pw or have any better ideas?

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Might it have an IP manually assigned/stored to a different subnet, so you cant see it?? or even be pointed to a default gateway that doesn't exist on its subnet? Can it communicate with anything on the network? not sure if printers can save stored settings like that, but might be work getting a crossover and plugging it directly between a pc and the device and then open wireshark to see if its even trying to aquire an address or if thee is anything coming from it at all. Start with the manuals: http://kmbs.konicaminolta.us/content/produ...ml?info=Manuals

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The password is typically one of the following '12345678', 'admin', or '00000000'. First try these passwords otherwise I would suggest giving the device an static IP address then try and view the mac address on the web page of the device.

You can manually change the IP address by going to utility, administrator settings, password of '12345678' and network settings.

Dont worry, If nothing else works resetting the machine will not erase the copy count

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