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Cisco 851 Router


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I cant find an answer to this problem anywhere else, I hope someone in the Hak5 community can help.

I have a Cisco 851 Router here, when it boots it just keeps throw me the error

Translating "stipp.srv.hcvlny.cv.net"...domain server (

And there is NO shell at all, and the Reset button doesnt work. When I reset it I get to the command shell but it imediately reboots and does the same thing again. WhenI go to cv.net it redirects me to cablevisions website, My only explanation as of now is that a ISP has screwed with the firmware on here.

Is there any way to flash the firmware without using the shell. Because right now the router is "useless".

If i cant find any help my next stop is to set up a zone in my DNS server called stipp.srv.hcvlny.cv.net so it finds something. xD maybe then it will work.

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Have you tried a factory reset on it?

a little googling got me to the Cisco site with this nugget.

Q. How do you set the router back to its factory default settings?

A. To set the router back to its factory defaults, you can either use Cisco SDM or you can go into the Cisco IOS Software CLI and do a "write erase" on the router itself, or grab the factory default configuration from Cisco Configuration Express. In addition, when the reset button is pressed within 5 seconds of the boot up and there is a valid xxx.cfg file in the flash, the router boots up with the xxx.cfg file and avoids the startup-config file in NVRAM.


Hope this Helps

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If this router supports it like most cisco IOS routers do, you would need to get yourself a serial cable, hook it up to your com port and cancel the boot sequence from within somehting like hyperterminal in order to get into rommon mode, then go from there to reset things.

type confreg to see what the current settings are and right them down. Should be somehtign like 0x2102 or something to that effect. Then change it to 0x2142. This makes it so when it boots, it ignores the saved config files on boot, and gives you a pretty much clean slate. Delete the current config saved in flash, and then create a new one with a new password, then save the config file, reset confreg to its original settings, then reboot and the device will then be like new out of the box and boot with your created password.

See here for more help: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/rou...08022493f.shtml

Im not so sure this router does use the IOS method though, as it seems like a lower end, small business or consumer router.

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Im connected to it via the console port.

When it boots up, i cannot get into the IOS prompt to issue any commands. It just sits there and tells me.

Translating "stipp.srv.hcvlny.cv.net"...domain server (

Translating "stipp.srv.hcvlny.cv.net"...domain server (

Over and over.

I sniffed some packets and found out that is the nameserver its trying to look up that hostname on. Which doesnt make any sense.

If I go to that URL in my web browser it brings me to some sort of login page, idk what its for. I just want this damn thing to factory defaults.

When I hit the reset button, as soon as its about to drop me into the IOS prompt the device reboots and reloads the old configuration as if it doesnt want me using the factory defaults.

It doesnt appear like there is much I can do without being able to issue any commands to it. :/

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