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Wouldn't any web encryption be breakable?


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If the target/victim computer can, for example, connect to an HTTPS site just by pointing their browser there, what is stopping it being cracked? If the target/victim can decode the reply from the server, why can't a man-in-the-middle? If you have every packet sent and every packet recieved, you have everything the target/victim used to display the final web page, downloaded file, banking information, etc.

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The only thing stopping a MITM attack from working with a browser is the verification the browser does in order to determine if the certificate is from a trusted source. The result of this if the certificate cannot be validated is a popup saying "this certificate is not valid/is from untrusted source". In firefox 3.5 it's very awkward to get past this message as you have to expand the "yes I know what I'm doing" drop down then explicitly add an exception. Not sure what IE does, used to be a simple "Are you sure? Yes/no" (as did firefox at some point a while ago) box.

You can find out what happens in your current browser by going here: https://getdropbox.com/

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