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Backwards USB Switchknifing? (a cool idea I had)


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Ok.. So Before I invoke this idea I want to add that 1. I don't have a switchblade and never tried making one since I do not have a U3 drive. 2. This is just a thought provoking idea, and may not be feasable.. least for any whitehat purposes..

So here is my idea.. For quite a while there have been a lot of you who have made switchblades from U3 drives, and fiddled with the project, exploited, etc...

Let me ask you this: How many people hand you their thumb-drive and ask for a file/ISO/movie, etc.

What about a code you can invoke, either by macro, or by other means, to where when any usb storage device is inserted, it A. checks to see weather it is a U3, and B. If it is a U3, then makes a hidden switchblade.

When people put their switchblades in their own computers, then free to roam time. Sure, you could just format it (and it happens frequently) but I am sure that people who ask for a bunch of stuff puts those files in at least two places, so this is multiplicity. For every 1 person you infect their U3, you gain access to 2 computers, of course sending credentials,etc to an anonymous gmail, or (insert email account here) for you to browse through later through the tor network.

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