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I am setting up a couple of esx servers this week. one will be for my business and the other for my uncle's. the issue i have is that i want to set up a vpn for both domains his.com and mine.com, i will set up a trust between the two so i can manage both without having to physically having to be there the probaly is even though we are going to be using two different ip address my question is how do i set it up on the router so that it know which users to authenticate for which domain or will the trust relationship mean that anyone will be able to authenticate.? I have a toss up of which router i will use. I have a Cisco which i'm not really a fan of and i will either use pfSense, Vyatta or Endian, Probably endian. any advice on how i should do this? its one business class dsl line and he has about 5 static ips.


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