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Stop Browser window from closing


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Hey Guys,

I firstly state that when it comes to coding I know sweet stuff all and am a copy and paste monkey. Anyways I am setting up an annoying website for a prank. Its kind of like a rick roll but utilizing caramell dansen and I would like any suggestions and script if anyone cares to help me out that stops the page from being closed.

I have seen some sites that loop java script alert messages when someone tries to close the browser tab. I did a search but have been having trouble finding the code.

Any help or better suggestions would be much appreciated

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        <title>Test Spam</title>
        <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"><!--
            body.unonload = spam
            function spam()
                while (1)
    <body onunload="spam()">

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Ah awesome, thanks a bundle for that Psychosis.

Actually after having a go with that I was wondering how you would add the window.location line to the above so when ever they click ok on the loop they get redirected back to the same site for extra annoyance.

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