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Can't access Fon after enabling redboot on the Jasager

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Hey guys,

I was just about to go from Jasager (openwrt) to dd-wrt.

I enabled redboot via:

* cd /tmp

* wget http://fonera.info/camicia/openwrt-ar531x-...ux-CAMICIA.lzma

* mtd -e vmlinux.bin.l7 write openwrt-ar531x-2.4-vmlinux-CAMICIA.lzma vmlinux.bin.l7

* reboot

Now while I was connected to the fon, it was using the IP, but after the reboot, I can't seem to access it?

Does anyone have any clue on what the IP might be, or what the best course of action would be at this point?

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Got it! It was on (port 9000). Phew, it didn't let me apply the out.hex though, hope that doesn't matter since I've already applied that once, with Jasager.

Currently installing dd-wrt on it. *fingers crossed*

EDIT: Pretty much screwed since I couldn't apply the new out.hex. *shrug*

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Yeah, noticed that aswell.

All's fine now, couldn't get the client bridging to work on pre-SP1 (v24) of dd-wrt, so upgraded to SP1, went smoothly so it's all good.

Got it working as a portable wifi adapter for my arduino. :-)

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