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I've got a ? about Man in the middle attack


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Ok so I start Cain & Abel

Configure it to scan everything in my network and nothing comes up.Why's that ? I've got another laptop which is in the Internet through this wifi connection and it doesn't show it to me (the laptop is mine,I was testing Man in the middle attack...)

So what seems to be the problem ?

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Assuming you have 1 wired and 1 wireless device on the same router - this usually works better when you have either all wireless or all wired on the same network, but not when you have one wired and one wireless, because you are not intercepting the wireless before it gets to the router if attacking from a wired device.

Also, both need to be on the same subnet for the trick to work, but are you sure the laptop and other pc connected to the same router? Because you could have easily ended up on a different router next door or something if it has the same broadcasting SSID as you, like linksys, etc.

To see if you can find the laptop from the pc, ping the laptops IP address, then do an arp -a to display any found devices fromt he ping. Even if the laptop refuses the ping, it has to respond by way of arp if it wants to communicate with the router, so once a ping is sent, even if you get timouts, then do the arp -a to see if you can see the laptops mac address. If it shows up, then MITM should work, if not, then you cant MITM.

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