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boot windows from USB flash drive


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I search for usboot and did not see any post so I did this real quick ..

USBOOT.ORG ( the idea behind it creates a image of the current OS and tweaks it for you )

* load up a new clean VM with what ever MS OS you like ( MUST BE NTFS ! tested with windows XP )

* download driverpacks.net ( I just used LAN and WIFI )

* install usboot.org on the VMware image ( just extract to c:\ )

* place the driverpacks extracted into the c:\extra drivers folder of the usboot.org install

* read the readme file for basic idea of how it works ...

* run phase 1 ( phase-I )

* while phase 1 is running format and make the USB flash drive bootable ( I downloaded WinSetupFromUSB and format the use stick FAT32. NTFS should work to but not sure )

after its all said and done you end up with ~ 1.6gig install of windows with LAN and WIFI drivers .. you can add more drivers etc but partiamge it came out to a 777meg image ! you can DUMP that image to a HDD and boot all in under like 4min ... beats Nlite by 50min :)

* sometimes I get bluescreen but reboot it works ok

* sometimes I have to reboot for it to boot off the usb stick or plug it into the back

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