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Snuggie !


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my 80gig drive died last night still gettting things up ..

some how I guess I misread it as snuggie or something ..

08:57 <+Dfg> where is snubs :(
08:57 <+Dfg> Who cares!
08:58 <+Dfg> I will come my flying Camel and take you away
08:58  Dfg goes to fuel up his Camel
09:11 <operat0r> Dfg:  that gave me a a great IDEA !
09:11 <operat0r> LOL
09:11 <operat0r>  HOLD ON give me like 15min ..lol
09:11 <operat0r> photoshop


psd: http://rmccurdy.com/public_images/snuggie.psd

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