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Issues installing Esxi 4.0

Matt A

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Hey all,

I'm about to kick off my MCSE training and decided to get an Esxi environment ready to host all of the machines I will need for practise. I downloaded ESXI 4 (hardware is 64 bit compatible) and began the install.

Installed it into a 2GB USB drive, all seemed to go well. On reboot though, I received the error 'Panic: No usable banks found'.

I found a section in VMware's help saying that 'USB mass storage emulation type needs to be set to All fixed disc in the bios'. I've been through my bios a few times and can't find anything similar to this setting.

My motherboard is a Gygabyte P35-DS3L running an intel Core2 Duo E6550.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Maybe I will just need to install it onto an old 40GB IDE drive I have lying around?

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I hope to do the same but had planned to use exactly the same motherboard, CPU and RAM (maybe not 12GB!) that were used in the episode. At least I know that the combination works. Maybe your hardware isn't compatible with ESXi? I'm far from an expert but know that hardware compatibility is a significant problem with ESXi.

If your motherboard doesn't support booting from USB and everything else is compatible, I'd guess that installing on a hard drive would be the solution.

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You should be able to run ESXi Vsphere from a USB. It is very doable due to the fact that HP servers give you the option of buying them new with a ESXi usb bootable. SO. Try following the proper steps again. Also for reference try going to pendrivelinux.com.

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You can, but unless your using something on the HCL then it won't be a smooth process. Just extract the img file from the iso and use something like winimage to image the USB. If it fails to boot from this stick, you may just be out of luck.

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If it fails to boot from this stick, you may just be out of luck.

I think I may be :~(

My motherboard wasn't on the HCL (I'd already checked this) but one very similar was - I think it was the next model down so I was kinda hopeful.

I support quite a few hyper-V boxes at work, so that will probably be the best path to go down now. I was mainly just interested in trying out something else!

Thanks for your suggestions.

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