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help installing v 2_1

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Hi i had version 1_2 installed and functioning great I decided to upgrade to version 2. I am using the packages and all seems to work fine all installs complete successfully then after the success message from the jasager package it says:

starting Jasager

then it hangs I already tried waiting longer with no outcome

I cant access webif, Jasager,telnet,SSH or WinSCP

I get nothing so I reboot and still nothing

does anyone have any clue what is happening?

Ide just use digi's firmware but I havnt much experience with linux and I dont understand how to install the firmware any help would be appriciated.

Do I need to delete all the old files from my router before installing since I had ver 1_2 ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿

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You've already flashed a firmware so you can do it. Just use whatever flashing app you used last time (I always forget the name as I don't run windows, Freifunk or similar) and where you specify the files to flash with just point it at mine rather than the ones you get from the OpenWrt site. Can't be easier.

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Lol ok now i feel stupid didnt know just to unzip it and replace the files during install

I had actually thought a tar file was a package type not a zipped file but u cant expect me to know something I havn't yet learned hehe thx digi your a very helpful individual

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To further your education, a .tar file isn't really a zip as it isn't compressed. Tar is a way to pull a load of files together and is short for Tape Archive as you could write a single file rather than loads of individual.

If you have .tar.bz2, .tar.gz or .tgz then they are compressed tarballs, the first being compressed with bzip2 the second to with gzip.

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