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Truecrypt password automation for system encryption


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why automate the password , does that not defeat the purpose of encryption ?

I use keyfiles for our USB HDD's the key for the drive being backed up live on the others drive, so the data can only be recovered if both myself and the guy with the other drive are in agreement.

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why automate the password , does that not defeat the purpose of encryption ?

Really only if you save the unencrypted key on the same device it is securing. If you keep it on a memory stick that's only plugged in when it's required then that's ok, still not ideal as it could be cloned easily.

A yubikey (setup for use with truecrypt) could be cloned easily enough, so it's ok. What you can do if you want to make it even harder is to use the yubikey and a regular password. That is to say, turn the computer on, when truecrypt wants your password, type a password you know, then use the yubikey.

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No, you can't do that ..

What you can do is boot the TC rescue-disk from a flash-drive via grub4dos or just use the rescue-CD itself.

Wipe the first track containing the TC-bootloader (and the encrypted key) from your HDD . Every TC bootloader is unique, even with a blank password, so effectively this would be like using the TC bootloader as a keyfile .

If you don't have it, the 'puter won't boot into any OS ..

Have a look here for more info : http://grub4dos.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Mr

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