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software/ firmware questions

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hello I am new to this community but havre successfully flashed the fon 2100+ with the Jasager version 1.2 package. I see that there is a version 2.1 out is there a guide somewhere for doing an upgrade to the new version?

also I was wondering if I can upgrade Webif to a newer version or if that will cause problems with the Jasager software thx for any help or information you can provide me.

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Best advice is to use whatever flash tool you used and install the firmware from my site. It is based on Jasager v2.1 and openwrt 8.09. That does all the installation for you so you once you've flashed you have a device up and running.

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Ok ty Digi I didnt realize at first that I needed to reflash duhh sometimes Im slow I was trying to simply do a ipkg update first the pakages wouldnt download then I got the error no space and realized yeah of course theres no space Ill check out your firmware thx for the help.

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