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Virtual box winguest from ghost file?


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Running Fedora 11 at work, which in the Chinese windows world is a mind**** for the IT department. They, happily and blissfully, have their windows network locked down tighter than a virgin at an orgy. This is, generally, a good thing but its a pain since they can't figure out how to hook my fedora box into their AD printing network. So I amped the RAM to handle virtual box (just because i use it at home for checking out new stuff and running the occasional windows program for the bank and stuff) and want to install the kosher ghost that the school has on all the other computers. That is the problem. They know how to slap the ghost in to a formatted hdd, but they are clueless about how to handle VB.

So VB calls for an ISO or CD installer. They have a ghost file (.gho). What is th ebest bet? can I convert from ghost to iso, should they burn onto DVD (the ghost has a fully operational windows setup with office, antivirus, etc as well as full network setup already out of the box. I could use my own windows iso but it is not completely kosher (i used to live in thailand) and would need them to add in all the rest of the stuff which i don't really want them to waste time with.

Anybody got any good ideas for this situation???

thanks in advance

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