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Where do you live


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Dublin, Ireland, Southside (to non Dubs its like the whole West coast - East coast in US )

god alot of Aussies here lol

Dublin, Ireland, side of the Liffey is immaterial. Only matters to insipid idiots.

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holy shit shonen! I thought you feel off the earth or something (or found something better than here ;P)

lol long time no see aye hex, yeah had a few things to sort out in the real world, snowed under with assignments and modding the Ausphreak forums (which I aint been on in sometime now). I'm such a forum hopper. XD

Oh and I work at a computer store now and do work exp at a high school which keeps me rather busy. Found a joint that does p.c recycling and is linked with the open source community that distributed old tech to those less fortunate. Planning on putting my hand up for that when I finish my course in the next 5 or so weeks.

Whats news with you mate?

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Help us fellow Auusies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah yes that stupid proposed content fiilter, what a dead set waste of money and resources that piece of crap is. I laughed so hard when Anonymous DoSd the PM's website and the demands they made.

Hak5 seems to have a larger aussie fan base than it previously did. We need an aussie hack5 meet up. But the problem is most of us a scattered throughout different states.

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