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[Help] X-Mini II


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Hey, I just bought a Patriot X-Mini II and for some reason it wont let me install grub with the grubinst_gui program. I tried with a different [small] flash drive and it worked perfectly, but I can't get my new drive to boot from usb. I noticed when I try to install to the x-mini, it automatically checks the "Floppy Image" box. I tried with it both on and off, and it still gives me the same error when I try to boot from it [Disk error]. I also noticed that where it lets you choose the part [Parts List], it only has "Whole Disk (FAT32)" when on the other drive it had "Whole Disk (MBR)" and then the drive partition. Does anyone know how I could get this drive bootable?

EDIT: Solved, thanks to H@LO_F00. Reformatting with HP's USB Disk Storage Format Tool fixed the problem.

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If I uncheck "Floppy Image" in the grubinst_gui.exe Grub4Dos Installer 1.1, I get the error "grubinst: Should be a disk image"

If I leave it checked, it looks like it installs fine, but when I boot onto it I get the error:

"Disk Error

Press any key to retry" [Or reboot, I forget, and I don't have it set up now to test]

I'm on XP right now on an Administrator account, and I tried on my XP laptop as well as a friend's XP desktop and get the same errors.

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Hmm, booting the win98 boot disk on it worked perfectly. I don't understand why grub won't work.

EDIT: Well, I guess it was just that I had to reformat it with the HP format tool, because it works perfectly now. Every time I did this before it worked just formatting with disk management built into XP. Meh. Thanks for the help!

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