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Windows XP/Vista/7 setup on one multipass?


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OK, so after first seeing this hak5 vid on the multipass, I immediately thought about having all 3 of my windows setup discs (XP Home + SP3, Vista Business + SP2 and Win7 RTC) on one usb drive--the extra tools/distros would actually be a secondary concern for me at this point.

However, from what I've read 1) Windows Setup won't work properly from an .iso [must have the files/folders extracted] and 2) these setup files/folders can only be run from the root of the drive.

I also read that it should be possible to still do this from one USB drive by partitioning the drive, putting one windows setup on each partition, then hiding all the other partitions (other than the first).

Lastly, apparently (at least for WinXP) the installation is extremely slow for the first bit, but can be sped up if the USB key is formatted NTFS. However, NTFS on USB keys is not recommended, as it supposedly negatively affects the drives lifespan.

So my question is, has anyone ever actually been able to do make a multipass with multiple windows installation discs/folders? IE, in addition to all the other apps and live distros, make it so you can install Windows XP, Vista *AND* Windows 7 all from one USB key?

After several days of reading through all these posts under the USB Multipass thread category, my minds kinda turned to mush. :( If this is possible, and someone has done it (and actually successfully installed windows), could you please post how? I've seen several people requesting this particular part of USB multipass creation, but haven't seen any posts/guides explaining how (if even possible).

--Installing Windows XP from USB via winsetupfromusb or wintoflash and Hak5 forum post

--Installing Windows Vista/7 from USB via This website

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