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Maybe a stupid question...?


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Ok, this might be stupid, but I have a question. How would I connect to a network through the internet?

So, say I wanted to get on my friends network, without physically being there, and snoop? (This is an example, not really doing this, just a question I've been looking for an answer for..)

Or connecting to one PC across a network to "Pwn" it or something, any ways to do this?

Thanks, and all answers are welcome, even if they are funny jokewize types.

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I like to make people work for the answer, especially when they suggest it might be used for something untoward.

Most of the time I won't help at all, but I'm not very good at not helping, so I'll at least add some form of challenge.

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If it's for legal and with the consent of the NetAdmin, you can install a VPN server and connect to the network remotely (as if you were inside the local network).

Darren made two segments recently about that:



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