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IPv6 & PNRP Class Demonstartion


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For one of my IS classes my group and I are going to give a presentation on IPv6 and PNRP. We would also like to give a live demonstration to the class during our presentation. I wanted to see if anyone had some ideas on what we could do/how we could do this. Personally, I was thinking we could just hook our laptops up to a router (WRT54G w/ DD-WRT) and show that they have IPv6 address. I was then thinking we could use a Tunel Broker to access some IPv6 websites (ipv6.google.com). I'm not sure if our university will let us plug into their network, but we will figure that out later. Also I know very little about PNRP (going to start my research tomorrow) and I'm not sure how we could demonstrate it. Any ideas? Thanks!

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