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FreeNAS file directory?


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Hey everyone, just joined up, but have watched the show for quite a while now - love it =]

I have just set up my own NAS server in our flat using FreeNAS.. Its been going pretty good!

I was thinking the other day, that since we are all putting alot of files on it, we have no way of knowing who has put what, when and where sort of thing...

I wasn't sure what to google and what I did try didn't come up with anything. But I want to have some sort of web page hsted in freenas that only we can get to, that can scan through all the files and tell us, what there is currently, and whats been recently put on... This way we don't end up putting duplicated things on...

Thanks for any input/idea's, not sure if its possible but might be interesting to see.


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just keep track of what you put on there and be organized with your files :P i have 11 people on my freenas server. sure there are a few duplicates, but because we are organized with our data we don't have to deal with very much of that.

but for what you wanted to do: enable the webserver service, set your root directory, enable directory listing and enable the registered users only function. you should be good to go.

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