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Holy Smexy! I found hacking videos Hak5 just cannot outdo.....


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**edit from origional thread cause it was EPIC FAIL!**

Ok, so to try to keep some small thread of credibility on this forum, I'll contribute a place that has so many resources that hak5 really could not outdo by themselves...

Go here: http://www.securitytube.net it has a lot of awesome information about things such as:

buffer overflows

hard drive forensics

deploying metasploit

and etc.

Also I found this article that brings some interesting thought to the table on security and the cloud: Life in the Cloud: Cloud hackin' and jackin'

It will be interesting to see what comes to light security wise when your virtual instance hops from one server to the next, and how that can be exploited.

Don't mind the title... long story. And I will say again: Epic fail on my part.

Moral of the story... If your just surfing and find something video related.. have the audio up to examine it instead of listening to 2 things @ once.. I learned my lesson.

***and @ the hak5 crew*** this was nothing really pointed to you. Your doing fine, and it was nothing that was saying anything negative about you all. I must have had a case of acute retardation for a moment.

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nmap is script kiddy? Not only was the video lame, video quality / audio is horrible, and the girls reading was annoying. Would have been better on mute. If you wanted cheap thrills or porn, go to xtube, not youtube. This video is not for learning anything about comptuers or hacking. Seriously, don't waste the click people, not worth the bandwidth...

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...wow. I dunno, I just watched one, jumped the gun and said it has to be good. Cmon, My posts arent full of BS manuel_l! This is epic fail, and I really apologize...

Yes I do need to get out more.

ZoMg! Ok.. Now I see what everyone is talking about... I had the sound down and was just really surfing through a bunch of stuff @ one time. Heard a couple of proper terms (well proper as in, if you were going to really know what you were doing.

Ok. so.... wow. um.. yeah.. So here is what I will do then :D I'll change the top post to something awesome!

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Yeah I have heard about that site a while back, it is like the youtube of security computer stuff. I enjoy the Hak5 videos (esp. Snubs since shes hot) plus they raise good topics and explain stuff so normal people can learn easier.

They are both different, if you cant find it here with a forum search, look somewhere else, but you probuly should have re-worded that since you are posting on a Hak5 forum :) lol.. if you are looking for videos to learn hacking their is a million of them out there. Maybe look for videos from hacking conferences like DefCon and such, securitytube is just one of the sites out there with information, it depends what your looking for, or what you want to learn right now..

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Well.. I keep thinking to myself what would this thread have been like if those vids was legit on the content??? The world may never know...

See this is why I think we should have the option for OP's to edit the thread title afterwards....

Just sayin'

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wow... so this thread went from fail flakes to proper phenomics overnight eh?

os 10

os x

o s x




who really cares unless your one of those pointless people who HAVE to have every phonetic voiced perfectly.

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  • 1 month later...

lol tryed to watch the "sexy hacking" shit, but couldn't sex nor hacking from it... as for securitytube - it's about same as searching youtube for 'hacks'.

Conclusion: I am not impessed.

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