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American built PC's are better then China built PC's


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Tri di di dum, oh a post

<reads title, walks in>


are you retarded? you do know pretty much everything in your house was probably made or at some point was in china/taiwan?

don't have more time g2g, i will add more flames and edit when im back, if i forget remind me


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I have 3 dells, all have worked great, I guess the problem is there is not enough stuff made here in America and everything is outsourced. I called tech support the other day and it was an indian call center, it took this lady on the phone like 15 minutes to get the spelling of my city correct. Maybe we need some more 100% American made pc's God knows we need more jobs here lol 100% American tech support as well, there are still a few companys like Hostmonster and GoDaddy that use local call centers for support instead of outsourcing, and the support is soooo much better. I found a company in NC which makes 100% American made pc's

and makes some top notch pc's, also arent Apples/Mac's American made also or do they subcontract out for the building of it..

and if I wanted to make the worst thread ever I would ask how to hack into my girlfriends myspace :) j/k

You do realise that in that "amercian" made PC almost all the components are made in asia - i know for a fact that the CPU and Motherboard are.

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