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Jinzora Media Server


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Anyone here using Jinzora? I posted this thread some time ago: http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=12094&hl= and after checking out Tversity which was nice also Orb was cool, Jinzora seems to be exactly what I need.

I've got it all setup following the tut on the wiki, my biggest problem is video streaming. Following the Jinzora forums to get a divx webplayer embedded I was able to do so, but everytime I choose to play a video it gives back a 404 not found error and sometimes not a download-able divx file error.

I posted on the Jinzora forums, but no one has replied. On the thread above I see that stingwray is familiar with Jinzora... I'm hoping he can shed some light on this issue.

If it helps at all I'm running this one Vista Ultimate 32-bit.

Major thanks for any advice info.

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Still struggling with this as support lacks for windows. I am really liking the look and feel of Jinzora, but am open to other suggestions. I've been working on this over a week now and am just stuck.

I've looked on youtube, all over google and anywhere I can think of, the next closest solution I found was vshare: http://vshare.in/ which I almost bought, but after reading through some of the forums I didn't see anyone running this from their home. All seem to have bought some sort of hosting.

All I'm wanting to do is run a media server, preferably on windows that has a nice web interface for users to log into then is able to stream movies of all file types mostly avi and music. Video streaming seems to be the problem. As for now if I could even use Jinzora and instead of streaming through IE, FF, etc. when the play button is pressed it opens the movie in the user's default video player I would settle for that.


Web Interface

Video/Audio Streaming

File Upload

File Download

If anyone has a solution they know of that has the above features I would greatly appreciate to hear of it. I've looked also at LinuxMCE, XBMC. XBMC looks nice, but no streaming over the net. LinuxMCE looks great, but I didn't see mention any web video streaming.

As far as Jinzora or vShare, I would love to use either of the 2, but I'm not too familiar with SQL or PHP.

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I saw that also, but I thought that was only for capturing video from a setop box? A Mythtv box will provide a web interface that user's can log into then access a library of music, movies, etc. and then stream them through their web browser? Or open externally?

Thanks alot for the quick response, you don't know how much I appreciate any help I can get on this project.

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