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New Antenna for The Pineapple

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Hi Guys

I plan to get a new antenna for my pineapple , But im not sure what kind of connector or what is the best 10 dBi omni-directional Wi-Fi flexible antenna that will fit my pineapple :blink:

Sure need some advise ?

What are you planning do with the pineapple? I.e. what will it's evironment be? The connector is an RP-SMA. If you just want omni directional then pretty much any decent quality rubber duck will do. I would stay away from those with cables since most use a lossy cable. Of course higher gain generally means a larger physical antenna. Which can be cumbersome.

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Hi Beakmyn

My enviroment consists of some office departments which is separted by different paritions . I plan to get something like this with a pig tail http://www.1powershop.com/en/computer-netw...p-smastand.html

Will this work ?

You'll loose 1-3 dB with the cable on those types of antennas. There's a reason they're so cheap. You'd be better off with a quality panel or patch antenna

I'd go with something like this:


You'll need a N to RP-SMA pigtail

or even


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