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CSS fatal error


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ok so i got my new CSS CD (no i didn't hack it) and i installed it and whenever it was done, STEAM loads up and this message pops up:

Fatal Error: Failed to load platform module

and whenever i go in STEAM to manually play the game, it brings me to their page to buy the game. then i try playing the game from the CD, same thing: opens up steam and brings me to the buy game page.

and if i go check the status on the game in STEAM, its saying "pre-load complete"


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log into and out of ur steam.

try the right click and activating ur css / try the add game to steam

delete you client.blob file in ur steam folder and start steam so it redownloads and rebuilts it.

delete the local content of css and then redownload it off steam (if you have the bandwidth/time)

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