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Gentoo server having problems with new hard drives


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Hello everyone,

a few days ago, i added 2 used hdds to my gentoo machine (80gb and 160gb IDE). i've tested both drives on my desktop and they worked fine. mounted them in the server, connected everything (80gb as primary slave and 160gb as secondary master) and started the box. The bios recognized the drives, so did my gentoo installation (/dev/hdb and /dev/hdc)

i partitioned both disks using fdisk and created 1 partition on both disks using the full capacity. formatted them using mkefs -j for ext3.

now for the problem:

i can mount both drives manually to /data1 and /data2 (also umount and mount them again)

but if i reboot the machine, the automount based on the fstab entry fails for both drives. manual mount also fails telling me that the partitions are allready mounted or in use (that's not the case).

if i delete the partitions, reboot, recreate the partitions i can mount them until the next reboot.

i'm stuck :( don't what i can try.

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