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Homebrew Uvar Hazy Flight Sim


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Flight simulator design has come along way. This one uses no air, or hydraulics, and weighs less than 500 pounds. I mean the stuff that spins you around hangs you upside down and really rocks out. After a recent trip the Udvar Hazy Museum flight simulator with Darren and Jason, I was was blown away by the barrel rolling flight simulator.

This design is by Simworx LLC. I don't wan't to in any way steal or infringe on their ideas, and especially not for any commercial benefit, BUT you video gamers know the rush... add one of these things to the mix and you've just brought gaming to the next level. I was hanging upside down in my cockpit seat trying to get a lock onto an enemy fighter. If you think gaming is fun on your computer doing it in a simulator ads about 10x to the fun.

So eventually someone is going to home-brew one of these. I'm into motorcycles and ride bikes that I have taken parts out of a junkyard cobbled them together and ridden from Toronto to the Blue-ridge Mountains ( thats in the last month alone :-). So as far as the mechanical stuff goes it can definitely be done. I would substitute the main rotation system here with the rear wheel belt drive from a Harley. Other auto and various items from a junkyard look like they could be ready substitutes. The electric motors and computer interface this is in no way impossible.

Does anybody have any idea about an sdk from a commercial flight sim that could be used for the program?

Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

here are some links

The Museum homepage


The company that runs the simulators at the Udvar Hazy museum


The Company that makes the simulators


Some images of the key elements


An airforce doc about simulation in ada


I want to thank Darren and Jason for getting me to visit the awesome place.



Lets home-brew us up a flight simulator. Then everyone can build their own, and play games on the Hak5 LAN party. Now that would be something.

Brian D

Mad Max style convergence of hacking and welding!

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