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I've been teaching myself PHP/MySQL, and this weekend I wrote a conference registration system for this organization I work for. (ok maybe calling it a 'system' is too much, it's just a webform which writes the input to a table in a MySQL DB and emails it to someone)

Anyways, the only way I have to access the DB is through a phpMyAdmin. That's fine for me, but it's not as useful the office workers who will actually be using the system.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone could suggest some free, user friendly software to connect to a MySQL DB to make the data more accessable and usable?

Alternatively, has anyone had experience linking Excel to MySQL with an ODBC driver or something? This would probably be ideal.


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There's always MySQL Administrator...


It's not really built for this sort of thing though.

What exactly do the office workers need to do with database?

You've coded a form that inserts data into the database, so why not code a page that takes information out of the database for the office workers to use?

It wouldn't be too much harder than making the form and the code to insert data, and it could be tailored to your exact needs :)

As for transfering the data to Excell, I think one of the easiest ways to do it would be to write some code that takes data from the database, and outputs it to a CSV file that can then be imported into excell.

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some good tips

I thought about doing the csv thing or just having them copy/paste it in excel, but then if there's a new entry, the file wouldn't be current unless they manually update it. It seems to me that it could be much more automated than this.

Thinking about it more, I think I would be happy to have something where they could choose from a selection of pre-made queries to run on the data. Like if they wanted to print out the list, change a feild on an individual entry, print mailing labels, see basic calculations and statistics, etc.

I suppose I could build this on a web page, but I don't have a login system set up and I don't want to leave this open. I'd prefer to have something either under the authentication that phpMyAdmin has, or even have the db login information stored on their workstations.

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