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¿ Jasager Help ?

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Hi there,

I got the Jasager set up. By default, you create an unsecure wireless access point that you can name whatever you like. It is fun to see if your neighbor tries to steal your internet connection but what about when you want the Jasager to spoof the "Normal" wireless Access Point of your neighbor? For example, his network name is "Home". You want the Jasager to take control when your neighbor tries to connect to "Home". I am able to create a Black List, enter "Home" in the SSID List and then I see the Jasager rejecting the connection but if I am in white list (where there's no need to add anything in the SSID list because it should "steal" anything) and I try to connect to Home, the Jasager just doesn't steal the connection. I don't see anything happening. Does the network we try to spoof has to be unsecured ? Anyone happened to be able to get it to work ?


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Is there any URL you can give me where I can see when the update is coming out to fix this whitelist, blacklist bug ? Or do you want me to check on the Jasager's homepage from time to time ?

Best regards,

The Luck

There is a bug in black and whitelisting on the latest version so it probably won't work as expected. I've got the fix on my list of things to sort out.
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