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xbox360 digital optical audio nightmare!!


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ok i just RECENTLY went out and spent 400 dollars on a 360 and a few games and a basic hard drive... no big deal to me its just that... that unit died out... so i went and got it replaced yesterday and im still frustrated by some of the same issues that came with the other unit i had. The digital optical out seems to not want to work right for me for some unknown reason. I know my receaver will take digital optical in no problem.... my issue is that every time ive tried to use it i get NOTHING... zero nada. I did turn my 5.1 digital audio on inside the system menu its just for what ever crazy eyed reason its doing nothing at all... no blinky cable to verify that there is ANY activity through the wire itself *got a clear walmart cord for my use*.. If you need any more info i will provide it as needed... its a thousand watt receaver so its got plenty of pwr to it... i just havent been able to take it to its limit and back because of the lack of "good" audio.

let me know what i could do or what i may be doing wrong cuz this is FRUSTRATING!!

yes it is arcade edition... only one i could fork out the money for at the time... might get the higher grade when my new 72 inch tv gets to the house :P....

srry for the ramble n thnks to all and any who can help!

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