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hack more than streams with single slingbox


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Hi guys!

I really need your help with the hack idea! As I need to find a way to hack the slingbox by watching more than one TV channels at the same time while I connecting to one server so firstly, I really want to know if that will works. If I make a small program uses with vb.net to get the slingbox host IP and open port using with the web address then connect to the host and downloading the TV signals??

If that will work, do you think if I create another program to allow me to access to the program where I downloading the TV signals from so I can run more than one program at the same time while it access to one program and copy the TV signals from one program to each program where the TV signals get separate and don't get interrupt when I am reading them on memory usage??

If that will works, I hope that I can start the work to hack the slingbox and receive more than one channel at the same time using with more than one program accessing to one program and copy the TV signals to each of them. Otherwise I don't want to waste my time for writing the program myself that if the hack will not work. I believe that the hack will work because I will receive the TV signals to each program when I am eating the memory usage that copy the TV signals from one program to each program and get the TV signals separate so I can change the channels without interrupt them. I am sure that it will work but I am not 100% sure if it will work so the only way I can find out is to try it out lol.

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