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Fonera 2.0n


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Well should I? I've been intrigued with the Fonera's since catching up on all the past Hak5 episodes (almost all 6 seasons in 4 days here) and was thinking of getting one. I love the sharing part of it especially with other fon users.

So looking around, ooh look Fonera+ for €30, that's brilliant and damn cheap. Then they updated their site. The Fonera 2.0n.....saw the epsiode in which Darren and Shannon were talking about it. Sure it's another €50 but damn that looks worth it.

Thing is the wife and I are both unemployed due to the company we worked for dumping most of it's staff (shakes fist at Mythic and GOA). So I can only really afford one little techie gift for myself this year (after the Hak5 sticker packs).

So is it worth the €80 for the Fonera 2.0n? This newbie wants your opinions!

Thanking you!

The mad Irish bloke.

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If you want to hack it and put jasager on it, don't get it. It would be a wast. But for what it does it seems like it's a great price and deal, I want one, but can't get them here in Canada. :( If you need a wireless router and want the features then get it.

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