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Why I'm happy with Linux instead of windows sometimes


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Was browsing around and lookie what popped up.


I downright Lol'd @ this.. Thank goodness I did'nt go here on my windows box...

btw, just a heads up, here was the google link that went there : Life after big brother jordan

and YESS i think she's hot and though dumb as a rock I couldnt care less :P

hmmm... strange though that now when you click the link it goes to... A BIG RED BUTTON!!! *press press*

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They going for the low hanging fruit. Those that run Windows in they default mode who aren't smart enough to know better. It looks real to them so they think it must be legit. It's the same group of people who think they're 100th visitor and have won a prize. If they get a 0.1% return on the ads/malware they've got better then 0%.

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