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Port knocking - possible topic for a segment?


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I came across a client app by Danny Sung called PortKnock lite.

He gave details of the subject with references below




It looks interesting and wondered what you guys thought of it.

Is it valid, useful, secure?

Would it make a suitable topic within an episode of HAK5?

I was thinking if you can run different scripts based on the port knock sequence

would that not be a more secure method of running an occasional service?

A script to WOL a machine that then provides whichever daemon you need for

remote admin. In the meantime the knock has opened the required ports and

activates the forward rules. When finished another knock sequence to close the

ports and change the forward rules.

As an aside - I thought the process, not the act, behind this breach was neatly done.

Apache breach



Rabcc "old&noob" Nesbitt

Ps I have checked the forum for this topic but could not find it

so apologies if it has already been covered.

PPs when searching the forum I get white letters on a grey background

which makes it hard to read. Is it my browser?

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