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[Guide] Changing the default Ophcrack tables directory


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Alright, so, this guide will help all you who would rather keep everything as neat as possible. After excessive googling and frustration/confusion, I've successfully changed the directory that Ophcrack tries to find the tables in by default.

NOTE: You will need some type of writable media, which means you can't do this by booting from your flash drive and then writing to that same flash drive because Ophcrack mounts it as read-only by default. You could, however, boot Ophcrack from your flash drive, unmount your hard drive, remount your hard drive as writable, and then write the modified rootfs.gz to your hard drive.


commands - type this into the terminal windows and press "Enter"

Changing the default directory:

01. Boot into Ophcrack from either a VM, a CD, or a flash drive.

02. Close Ophcrack and any terminal windows it leaves open.

03. Start a new terminal. (Right-click > Favorite Applications > Terminal)

04. su and the password is "root"

05. mkdir temp

06. find / | grep rootfs.gz

07. Take what the above command's output and input it where "(rootfs.gz location)" appears in the next command.

08. cp (rootfs.gz location) rootfs.gz

09. lzma d rootfs.gz rootfs

10. cd temp

11. cpio -di < ../rootfs

12. leafpad etc/skel/launch.sh

13. Press Ctrl+f and type in "# Try" (This is the area of the launch.sh script that does everything to start Ophcrack automatically.)

14. Scroll down a few lines until you see "if [ -d /mnt/$DEVICES/tables ]; then"

15. Replace "/mnt/$DEVICES/tables" with "/mnt/$DEVICES/path/to/your/tables" (path/to/your/tables = whatever the path to your tables is)

16. Do the same with "/mnt/$DEVICE/tables/*/table0.bin" found on the next line, except keep "/*/table0.bin" so it would look something like "/mnt/$DEVICE/path/to/your/tables/*/table0.bin"

17. Double-check everything cuz it's easier and faster to get it right the first time.

18. Save (Ctrl+s)

19. find . | cpio -oH newc | lzma e -si /rootfs.gz (Yes, this will take a while. No, it didn't freeze.)

20. Now just copy "/rootfs.gz" to Ophcrack's boot directory. You might want to rename the original "rootfs.gz" to something like "rootfs.gz.bak" so you have a backup, and you won't have to modify your menu. If you booted from the flash drive you'd like to modify, save "/rootfs.gz" to some other media, as Ophcrack mounts the flash drive as read-only.

There you have it.

Next to come: Modifying Back|Track 4 PreFinal to change the default "casper" directory

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