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Windows (only 7?) shutdown command


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Ok well, I love watching the show, its awesome, just thought I' let you guys know about this handy little trick I discovered on windows. Now I remember darren was running some program at one point, and his lappy wouldn't suspend due to that program, so for anyone that was wondering, this trick will also hibernate.

Now I don't know if this is windows 7 exclusive, as I haven't checked on any other windows os's. So if anyone gets around to it thats great.

But I looooooove timing my computer shutdowns with the "shutdown" command for the command prompt (terminal, console, the name is your preference)

Its pretty simple to use, you want to shut down your computer full shutdown, just type

shutdown -s -t 0

the -s stands for shutdown, and the -t stands for time (in seconds) when you want your computer to shut down.

You can also do:

shutdown -h -t 0

to hibernate your computer.

And you can of course write this to a batch file, give it a pretty icon, and drop it on your desktop so you have a "quick" hibernate button.

(also if you don't want the balloon to pop up telling you the task was scheduled, or the warning that the computer is shutting down, you can use the argument -f, for force, any open applications will blatantly close and the computer will shutdown)

And if you just type in shutdown, the command will respond with all the awesome shutdown arguments you can use ! Hooray!

Trust your technolust?!

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