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USB HUB MOD , For internal USB on Net/Note books


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Okay, So i recently acquired a USB 2.0 powered hub, the wall adapter for it was 5vdc @ 500Ma , and me being too curious i had to modify it to be self powered. I ran the 5v- and 5v+ from the USB to PC connection and routed those two pins two the respective Positive and negitive terminals of the dc adapter jack on the other side of the hub. I then plugged it in and bang! it worked right away, i later un-soldered all the leds, and then un-cased all the usb devices i planned to attach to this hub. Afterwards the entire unit contained 1 Bluetooth adapter, 1 4GB flash drive, and a logitech wireless remote transciever. all of this is only 3 MM thick !, just thin enough to jam inbetween the case of a laptop / netbook. Im gonna take some pictures and make a better post , but i was too excited to keep this too myself. I wouldnt doubt if its been done before, but definalty a first for me.

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just a thought , why was the hub powered in the first place? it's normally because usb can only handle a certain current to each port and thus our motherboard can only handle so much as well. The wall adaptor is extra power for those devices that need it , be careful to keep an eye on current usage, having said that you should be ok with the devices mentioned above

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