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AMD Turion 64 1.8ghz


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That would be because you are running Cool & Quiet probably. It dynamically clocks your processor down if you do not need all the power, as well as reducing the power consumption so your laptop can run for longer and not get so hot.

Try running something processor intensive and then checking the frequency, or you might want to have a look around at the Cool & Quiet driver and utility which displays the settings and current clock.

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Had a look for cool and quiet but can't find it. May well be running another application just like it though. Checked my diagnostic tool and it said the max clock on the processor was 1800mhz. Any idea how i can ramp it up? WHere abouts are the utilities used to lower its speed normally kept? Bios? Or Control panel?

Thanks guys

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You can uncheck Cool & Quiet in the bios if you want, but in a laptop it is really quite useful. Why don't you that it is working properly by checking the clock when running something like Prime95/Folding/SETI?

If it doesn't change then investigate looking for the drivers, if you can find them then download them off AMDs website of the manufacture's of your laptop.

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So it automatically ramps up the speed of my clock depending upon the amount of strain on the processor? I understand now, thanks for the info stingwray.

On a mere technical point, it's more that it slows it down when it's idle, rather than speeding it up when it's in use.

I know they are the same in the end...but it helps to realise that. For example if you aren't using an OS that supports it, you will be running at the highest clock speed rather than fixed on the lowest.

CPU-Z will give you a better idea of what you have exactly, if you are running Windows

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