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Dump SAM to USB


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Hi there !

I´m really happy with my Multipass-Power-Stick, but I´d like to have one more Thing on it and I´m stuck.

The idea is, to boot silently into DOS, copy SAM to USB and reboot.

So far I got DOS (http://s93616405.onlinehome.us/bootdisk/622c.zip) running with:

title DOS 6.22

kernel /memdisk

initrd /DOS622/622c.img

Now, I would insert PWDUMP into the Image and start that in autoexec.bat.

My Problem: How can I save the SAM to USB ? Or better: How can I make persistant changes inside

an IMG ?

Help is much apreciated !


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I've thought about this myself before. I think it would be much easier to boot a minimal linux kernel and write a script that would mount all NTFS hard drives, search them for the SAM file, and then copy and save it to your flash drive. I'm not sure I'd be able to do something like this myself, but if anybody else would like to take a shot at it, that would be cool. Maybe somebody could start on it and we could all contribute any knowledge about the subject to the development?

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Hi H@lo !

I´m glad somebody answered. I was googlin´ my a** off these days and found this:


but the D/L Link is dead. But it´s pretty much what we´re lookin´ for.

Doing the Magic with Linux is Surely an option, although I dont know if it boots up as quick

as DOS does (very few secs). I´ll dedicate some time now, and see if I can´t find some driver

for mounting USB & HD`s in DOS.

Let´s see how far we get !!

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A Linux distribution made specifically to mount all NTFS/FAT32 drives, find the SAM file, and save it back to the flash drive could potentially boot and complete within a few seconds. You would need minimal drivers and programs other than for IDE, SATA, NTFS, FAT, etc. I've seen NTFS support for DOS but it was it's own program, not a driver, which means you wouldn't be able to automate it like we'd like. I feel that a Linux distro made specifically for this task would be the best way to go.

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Sooo... I found NTFS4DOS http://www.free-av.com/en/tools/11/avira_n...s_personal.html

and USB4DOS http://www.georgpotthast.de/usb/. You´re propably right with Linux. Thing is, I have no clue how to set up such a minimalistic Image. In the the middle of those thousands of distros should be something really small already, don´t ya think ?

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Bro, I´m not gettin very far here. The IMG won´t open so I can´t think of editing anything anyway.

I get around with linux, but I really dont´t know which scripts do the autostart-trick etc.

I´d be happy to see you or anyone else doin´it, but so far I´ll keep messing around wit good ´ol DOS, since

I´ve edited those CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT about a 100000000 Times back in the old days :=)

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That's because it's not an ISO image, it's a floppy image. I use this. You can mount the image virtually and edit any files on it, if you mount it writeable, and then you can save the image and it will keep the changes you made.

If you can get this to work via DOS, go right ahead, I've just never seen DOS that can view an NTFS partition outside the special software, which means you couldn't automate the process, or do it silently.

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No mention of USB support, plus, even if there was USB support, auto-saving to A:\hashes.txt would commit the changes only into memory if you mapped the image. Maybe Vagabound, or whoever, could take a look at it and modify it to our needs?

No promises, but I'm attempting to build a Linux distro completely from scratch that should be able to export hashes to a flash drive. I've never done anything like this before though, so it might be a complete disaster, we'll just have to see.

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